Image Explorer
  • Easy to use and install with well written and concise documentation including more than 125 screen shots. Installation is fully automatic so you will be up and running in minutes.
  • Designed based on input by professionals that require nothing less than a high performance image database system.
  • View multiple image databases such as Access, Oracle, Sybase, etc. from the same user interface.
  • Easily port images and data from database to database using drag and drop.
  • Extremely fast image retrieval.
  • All major image formats are supported such as JPG, BMP, TIFF, PSD (PhotoShop), PCD (Kodak Photo CD), and many more.
  • Database table fields can be any data type supported by the database you choose to use.
  • Allow users to manage image databases using any database management system such as Microsoft Access, Oracle, Sybase or SQLServer using ODBC.
  • Multi-user database access over a network.
  • Tables may be customized to support any number of custom fields.
  • Images can be stored either in the file system or database.
  • Easily build and execute an unlimited number of queries into an image database based on any information associated with an image.
  • TWAIN compliant which means you can import multiple images directly from a scanner or digital camera.
  • Batch image conversion, resizing, rotation, and export.
  • Save images in the same format as imported or select a common save format for all images.
  • Export images as saved in the database or convert all images to a common format.
  • Copy images and data across databases.
  • Drag and drop clipboard support provides seamless integration with third-party image processing tools.
  • View slide shows of your images.
Image Explorer
  • Quickly design and generate HTML web pages of your thumbnails and full-size images.
  • Adjustable thumbnail size and layout.
  • Use web pages designed in third-party tools as templates.
  • Display image data with thumbnails and full-size images.
  • Specify the font, color, and size of displayed image data.
  • Reuse web page designs.
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