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Rake Wall Framer completely specifies the layout of rake walls. Included is the length, position and angle of each member, i.e. the top and bottom plate layouts plus the lengths, locations and angles of the studs, king studs, cripple studs, trimmers, headers, sills, etc. The area and board footage is also reported. The summary contains all of this information as well as a scaled drawing of the wall. As part of a MasterCarpenter 2.0 project, walls designed in Rake Wall Framer can immediately be published to your web site or printed. Flat and gable walls can be designed using Flat Wall Framer and Gable Wall Framer. No need to clear off the decks and snap lines. With this tool rake walls can now be framed at the woodpile, saving you an enormous amount of time. Included with the online documentation is an introduction to wall framing as well as examples of usage.

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