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MasterCarpenter 2.0 is unique in the software industry in that it gives the carpenter usable results and not just pretty pictures. Some software on the market will let you draw pictures, choose siding, trim, carpeting or furniture that looks attractive on the box or demo, but doesn't offer useful information for actual construction. MasterCarpenter is for real carpenters that are going to build something and need exact output. The reason MasterCarpenter is so popular with our base of loyal users (including professional carpenters, large and small construction companies, non-profit organizations, homeowners and technical college programs) is that they actually have to build something to exact specifications.

What's new in MasterCarpenter 2.0

The tools that have generated the most feedback are the stair design tool and the wall framing tools. These tools have been expanded and rewritten, with several enhancements added as per the suggestions of customers (see the individual descriptions). This frees up the wall framing tools to be very general in their usage.

There are several new tools added in this release plus a completely reworked project manager that formats all output into HTML and allows entire projects to be printed or published to your web site.

Students and engineers have requested a UML tool for designing complex processes and workflow. Most professionally available UML design tools cost hundreds of dollars so we've included the Work Flow Designer tool which contains a basic subset of UML tools. Originally this was to be sold separately to those whom requested it but we decided to include it at the last minute.

Hip and common rafter tools as well as a customizable conversion tool were added with this release. The Worksheet tool was added so that you can take secants and execute other mathematical functions right there in feet and inches. Several other tools have been changed and all tools can participate in the HTML project summary and publishing capabilities.

Online documentation for each tool within MasterCarpenter 2.0 contains an introduction to the associated branch of carpentry, or engineering; including examples of applications and uses. A new Updater utility allows you to keep MasterCarpenter 2.0 up to date on a tool by tool basis as well as to receive new tools without replacing the entire framework.

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